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So, you are passionate about creating change in your community.

But you keep getting stuck in red tape.

The red tape might look like funding proposals that aren’t getting up, compliance documents that need filling in, an audience that refuses to be engaged, or perhaps your own energy levels are just running on empty.

When I was managing a not for profit all I wanted was a brains trust that I could check in with and share ideas, tools, simple techniques to save me time.  That’s why I created Evolve Network membership – to give you all of that and more.

If you want to create a thriving, abundant community, if you want to address social issues in your community before they amplify, THE TIME IS NOW.

Want to try out membership for free?

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QUICK !  Our next live Q&A session for members is tomorrow (Tuesday 5 July) followed by Tuesday 19 July.  Hope to see you online soon…