Honouring the year that was

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As you prepare to celebrate the new year tonight how about putting aside just a few moments to honour the year that was.

Chances are you’ve had some triumphs this year, chances are you’ve had some disasters and everything in between.

Each and every one of these things will guide you into the new year, should you choose to learn from the experience and to come to terms with its role in your life.

Because the pain you experience today is the empathy that you can feel for others tomorrow.

Many of you would have already heard me talk about the word FLEARNING (I know, many of you have tried to correct the spelling when I’ve presented it to you).  It’s simple Flearning = learning through failure.

And failure is SO important because it means you’re out there having a go.

I’ll share a short story with you about how I came to see the importance in honouring the year that was, about embracing my failure and learning to grow in adversity.

A few years ago my family and I had ‘one of those’ years.  For us it was catastrophic with everything imaginable going wrong (by our definition of things going wrong anyway), as the year rolled around to November we were so truly traumatised that we were finding it difficult to pull ourselves out of negative thinking.

So my husband (he wasn’t my husband then) and I did something that was truly disruptive, we threw our children in the car, drove to Melbourne and got married under a tree in a park just after Christmas Day.  Of course there was a little planning that went into it but in a nutshell it was really that simple – and it was just the disruption that we needed to take ourselves away from our ‘failure’ to realise the valuable learning that was lying just beneath.

Disruption doesn’t need to be quite so dramatic and anyone on our Kickstart My New Year program will soon experience that.

When we were in Melbourne together as a family we honoured the year that was and this is how we did it:

* Each of us (even the youngest child who at the time was 4) wrote the things that had hurt, troubled or bothered us in the year that was on a bit of paper

* As the clock rolled around towards 11pm we made a little fire (probably in the BBQ) and each burned the bits of paper and as we did so honoured the place of this lesson in our lives and acknowledged its role for influencing who we are.

There was a great relief in doing this, it meant that we would no longer need to carry these things as burdens, rather as flearning that can move us forward into the new year.

So, as you prepare to celebrate remember to take some time to honour – whatever way you frame the things that you’ve experienced – good, bad or indifferent every experience has played a role in influencing your new year.  It’s up to you how it will effect your life into the future.

A very happy and prosperous new year to you,

I’ll look forward to connecting with you in 2015


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