Have you lost your mojo?

You may not even know it’s missing but you will recognise this…

A sense of disconnect coupled with exhaustion, maybe even hopelessness, worry about the future and you may even be wondering just who you were before all of this got piled upon you.

Kids, work, responsibility, monotony… I could go on but need I ? You know it’s time to change… But where to start? Here’s a clue…It starts With YOU. 

3o days 

Find My Mojo is a 30 day program that takes 10mins of your time every day. Each day you will be delivered a short activity directly to your in box. Are you REALLY ready to commit? If yes, that’s fabulous, if not save your cash.

10 minutes / day 

You’ll need 10 minutes each day – yep, each day for 30 days. It’s best to find a regular time – morning, lunchtime, evening – whatever works best for you.


There are many things that can take away your mojo. Finding it takes time, effort and commitment. Are you ready? 

Get it now

Find My Mojo will deliver a task per day for 30 days directly to your inbox. Your job is to implement the tasks and experience the change.

Add a one to one coaching session plus accountability options to your boost your package.