Find My Mojo

mojo2 Have you lost your mojo?

You may not even know it’s missing.

But you will notice a sense of disconnect coupled with exhaustion, maybe even hopelessness, worry about the future and you may even be wondering just who you were before all of this got piled upon you.

All of what?  Kids, work, responsibility, monotony… I could go on but need I ?

It’s not that long ago now that I decided it was time to rediscover my own mojo.  I’d been feeling everything on the above list and more.  But I didn’t listen. And eventually the universe gave me a big slap in the face.  And it hurt.

A lot.

Trust me, you don’t want to let it get that far.

I know you’re curious about exactly what happened.  But the truth is the story is pretty irrelevant.  The truth is when we don’t listen to our own needs, when we fall into a life of servitude and forget to fill up our own self-worth something disappears.  We can cover it up with busy, gossip, tv, alcohol or shopping as much as we like.  But the void remains.

And eventually, something will happen.  Perhaps it’s a relationship breakup, or maybe it’s your health (mental or physical).  Something WILL give when you don’t look after you.

So as I was immersed in finding my own mojo I diligently journaled so I could share my find your mojo adventure with you.

Are you ready to find your mojo?

How the program works:

FIND MY MOJO is primarily a 30 day, online challenge.  Each day you’ll be sent a new task via e-mail, all designed to align you with your mojo.

But there’s more (and it’s not steak knives).  We realised that you might need a bit more so we’ve also created a raft of online resources (an online mojo toolkit if you will) which you can access with your program enrollment any time.

All you need to do is sign up to gain immediate access to your mojo toolkit and get started.

And more…

Change is more fun with others.  Your once off registration also gives you access to the Find My Mojo program, LIVE online version.  The LIVE version commences in 2016 on the following dates:

1 July 2016

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* The registration fee of $99 entitles the program participant to both the online mojo toolkit and access to any of the three live programs as mentioned above.  The earlier the registration occurs the more live content is available.  Evolve Network will not provide discounts nor refunds for registrations that do not occur in time to access all three live programs.