A DIY guide for applying for grants Part 1

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Need some support to grow your not for profit or project?

Feeling cash-strapped, exhausted and not sure where to start? Bringing in someone, applying for a loan, reading, reading, reading, doing a course or signing up for a program are all great options. But before you indulge in any of these, find out if you are eligible for one of the many government funding streams designed to help you grow (note, the grant may lead you back to the abovementioned options, only with an added cash bonus in your pocket to contribute to the service fee).

Grants are available at all tiers of government; think Federal, State and local. They are often time-limited, and you will need to be prepared before you dive headfirst into an application (or otherwise be prepared to be very, very stressed).

Within this series of articles, we’ll explore the world of grants and funding available for your business and hopefully make the process more approachable for you.


There are numerous ways to locate grants and find out about rounds:

  1. Google things like business grants, grow my business, government assistance for business.
  2. Find some go to websites such as gov.aucommunitybuilders.nsw and even the PARLIAMENT of AUSTRALIA website.
  3. Find the go-to people to share information with you. Consider your local Regional Development Australia team, AusIndustry staff and in NSW the Office of Regional Development.
  4. Subscribe to the following newsletters:
  • Your local Regional Development Australia
  • Your local MP’s newsletter.
  • Any government agencies relevant to your business with newsletters.
  • Industry peak bodies.
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Your local Council.

Yes, this will keep your inbox full, however, eventually, you’ll work out who has the good stuff and who doesn’t.

  1. Go social. Source the Facebook pages and Twitter handles of the abovementioned entities and keep your eyes peeled for grant information.
  2. Network with other similar businesses and your local industry sector, chances are someone will find an opportunity you can collaborate on, or maybe an information exchange will be enough.

So, now you have a swag of grants to apply for, where do you start?

In part 2 of this series, A DIY guide for applying for a grant, I will provide you with the details on how to do just that.

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