Death by call centre

kerrygrace-2014 Challenge


I’m on hold.

Just holding onto my sanity.

I’ve carefully articulated my way through the voice recognition section, I’ve understood the consultants are on the phone, I’ve given in to waiting – I need a solution to the issue.

Do you know that feeling?

When life is whirling on around you and the call on hold goes on.

And all you need is a password, a procedure or a simple instruction.

In that period of waiting I multitask.

And as I multitask I get confused.  I grow feelings of contempt.  I forget about choosing a positive emotion and fall into rage.

The unsuspecting person answers and my terse voice barks a request.  I have no manners left, I’m exhausted and pee-ed off.

We explore options and I’m told I can’t be helped.  My account details just don’t match up.  My head must be about to crack.

I wait a day

And do it all again

This time my information IS located

Then I’m redirected to an online help service

I scream blue murder, and realise I’m just going to have to suck it up and focus.

I’ve wasted 4.25 hours of my valuable time.

The kids are home from school now and they are frustrated, needing my attention.

I reaffirm my loathing of poorly managed call centres and this was only Microsoft.

Imagine if your survival rests upon this call.

Imagine if it’s Centrelink and you’ve been breached.  Or you’ve had a change in your circumstances and out of duty try to do the ‘right thing’ and call that change in.

Strap yourself in, you’re in for a long wait.

Now imagine you didn’t have the good fortune to learn how to articulate your message clearly.

Imagine you are angry and at your wits end.

Imagine it’s this call sitting between you putting food on the table for your kids, paying the rent, providing some information.

Imagine you don’t have a home landline because you can’t afford it and you’re making this call on your mobile phone.  Imagine if this is a regular feature in your regular week.

And then you’re asked to get out and find a job…

Being on hold has made me frazzled and I’m not entirely sure what my point is today.

But I do know this much.

Being unemployed is bloody hard work.  Not everyone that is unemployed wants life to be like that and so many are pushed hard against the full time commitments of the obligations required to receive help, looking for jobs and waiting, waiting, waiting.

And as for the rest of us waiting for the phone to be answered I guess, for now we have to just suck it up.  To dial the numbers and try to find our happy place.

And if you are running a call centre I’d like to ask you to consider calling either of these companies – companies that without fail have left me smiling after the call.  What a breath of fresh air (take the hint as you will).

Digital Pacific


Trend Micro who not only solved my issue promptly but sent a follow up message to check everything was OK

And no, I’m not an affiliate of any of the above.