KickA$$ funding strategies

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Do you need cash to create change in your community?

Hold the lemonade stand, there are other ways to raise cash for your project, organisation or community event.

It’s never been easier to raise cash for social change.

You just need to think outside of the very boring square…

In Australia government funding is becoming increasingly competitive.  There are well over 600,000 not for profit organisations competing for the same and similar buckets of money, and in some cases government funding opportunities have been opened to private organisations.

There are many things to care about in any community.  Some bearing universal labels: drug addiction, disability, unemployment – some more ‘place-based’: crime spates, service gaps, lack of opportunity.

But it’s not just about engaging the ‘care factor’ among those who hold the purse strings.  Successful funding acquisition is about providing value for money, showing solid reasons for investment and being credible.

Kicka$$ Funding applications isn’t just about churning out applications that comply with funding guidelines. It’s about thoroughly thinking through your ask, digging for alternate resources and building a compelling story.

KickA$$ Funding applications is a self-paced online course.  The lessons have been designed to give you a comprehensive start to finish guide to creating a fundraising strategy, and cashing in.

Lessons are:

Lesson Topic
Understanding your funding needs What’s your why

How much do you need

Understanding and meeting client need

Different ways to raise funds Government funding

Philanthropic funding

Crowd funding

Creating commercial opportunities

Your funding kit The planning context

The toolkit

Engaging support and building partnerships Identifying and building effective partnerships

Tools to troubleshoot partnerships

Writing and design: The nuts and bolts Aligning the concept

Telling a compelling story

Writing to trend

Don’t miss these

Measuring your impact and following up Measuring your impact

Following up


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