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“influence, especially magic power”

Have you lost yours?  Or are you ready to build it up.

It’s time to FIND MY MOJO

How it works…

If you’re seeing this you are a Find My Mojo member.

Your once off membership fee is valid for the lifetime of the program.*(see below)

There are a few different learning opportunities:

  1. e-mail daily tasks: When you join Find My Mojo you will automatically receive an email each day with the program’s daily tasks.  This is a self-paced version of the program which you can start and finish in your own time.  We do find that people like to take a little longer on some of the topics.  The emails are only programmed to be sent out once, if you would like to receive them again please contact us via the email below
  2. Facebook page:  This is where the action happens.  Four times each year we go live (in 2016 this is April, June, August and November).  Once you are a member of the Facebook group JOIN HERE you will receive notifications of any activity (unless of course you turn notifications off).  When the group is LIVE you are asked to comment about the daily tasks.  You can comment on your progress, thoughts, challenges – whatever seems appropriate.  This is about inspiring one another and facing challenges together.  The Facebook page is your learning community and of course the level of your participation is entirely up to you.
  3. Learning portal: You are currently reading on the learning portal.  We will continually add new information to this page so please visit regularly.  The learning portal includes both LESSONS (there are 4 lessons, 1 each week) and TOPICS).  There is content in both lessons and topics to help you in your mojo journey.

Got questions? ASK HERE


*What does ‘lifetime of the program’ mean?  Well, put it this way…  We love the Find My Mojo program as do our participants.  We have no intention to discontinue running the program in the near future.  But you never know what could happen – the internet might blow up, our server could crash, we may discover that mojo doesn’t really matter… All highly unlikely.  Find My Mojo is delivered using numerous platforms (our website, MailChimp and Facebook) – we’ve done this to give you variety in delivery, and also to ensure longevity of the program, if one platform fails there are others to pick up the slack while we work out a solution.  So, that’s our lifetime promise. Have any questions?  Ask away HERE

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