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Welcome to your Evolve Network Member’s Toolkit

Getting started;

Here are a few details to get you started.  Please take the time to run through these instructions as they will give you a solid background about your membership and also let you know how the program works.

Remember we need your comments / questions / feedback so please keep us updated here.

This will take approx 1hr, please make sure you complete all of the points below before moving into the program;

  1. Please complete our new member survey online  HERE
  2. Download and schedule your July-August 2016 learning opportunity program: EvolveNetworkMembers Program July-Aug 2016(keep in mind if you miss a session you can find a podcast HERE)
  3. You will receive an information pack via email on registration.  If you can’t find it, or need another copy you can download it HERE
  4. For further inspiration, tools and discussion please connect via our Facebook group HERE

Please remember, to best use of your Member’s Toolkit access the information you need as you need it, rather than going into overwhelm with too much information.

Please be advised:  we are currently upgrading the Member’s Toolkit user experience (making it easier for you to navigate).  You will be notified of changes in the very near future.

Please click on the ‘lessons’ and ‘topics on the right to source information and don’t forget to join us live online for upcoming webinars.

Recent podcasts;

All podcasts live in the PODCAST lesson.  We also share recent podcasts below;

New topics: Creating an elevator pitch HERE

New Podcasts / Vodcasts:
Tutorial: 11 July ‘Building Dynamic Partnerships’ LISTEN HERE  WATCH HERE

Tutorial: 6 May ‘Identifying opportunities and the sales process’ LISTEN HERE  WATCH HERE
Tutorial: 20 April ‘Help, I’m stuck’ LISTEN HERE

Q&A session: 5 July; LINK HERE
Q&A session:  14 June 2016:  LISTEN HERE
Q&A sesssion: 26 April 2016:  LISTEN HERE
Q&A session: 13 April 2016: LISTEN HERE
Q&A Session: 23 March 2016: LISTEN HERE

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