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Planning an event?  Frustrated? Or is it all going to plan… so far.

Whether it’s a birthday party, festival or corporate launch the fundamentals are pretty much the same.

If you’re looking for some hints, tips and shortcuts to make your event awesome

Read on…

Please note, the course materials are structured in LESSONS and TOPICS.  There is content to access in both areas.

There are two program versions, both draw upon content from this learning site:

lite:  the lite version of our Awesome Events course entitles you to all of the online content, downloads, templates and pools of wisdom within this online learning portal.

premium: includes all of the benefits of lite plus an event plan review at the conclusion of your course.

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Before we get started, let’s hear from event planners, Jill and Monika of TCM events about how they plan awesome events… DOWNLOAD HERE

PS – do you need support with the course?  Please contact our learning hub via phone 02 6568 1162 or email HERE

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