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When a social enterprise is not an enterprise

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock by now you’ve heard the term ‘social enterprise’. There are many and varied definitions of the illustrious notion of social enterprise, our working definition “a business entity that TRADES for a social purpose” (noting the word TRADES). In Australia social enterprise is not a legal structure in it’s own right and for that matter, a …


Kerry Grace Founder and Director

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Throughout the past ten years, Kerry has crafted a business which carries a brand that is synonymous with an ethical approach, reliability, entrepreneurship and creativity. These qualities are reflective of Kerry and her unquenchable passion for her work. Known for her strengths in ‘getting things done’, Kerry has been exploring the role of the ‘enabler’ over the past few years …

Rosemary Shapiro-Liu

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Working first in Southern Africa and then in Australia, Rosemary has broad experience of social justice advocacy and social entrepreneurial innovation. Her passion is finding the Triple Win in all processes – the wins for ‘you, me and all of us’ and she creates and nurtures opportunities that serve the needs of government, business and civil society. Rosemary’s passion is …