The unspoken impact of community events

In an ever disconnected world I find great comfort when I see a poster for a humble community event.  The kind of event that is probably arranged by an exhausted committee of people who are driven by their purpose.  The kind of event that could involve a performance from the back of a truck and perhaps a collection of other activities that …

56 ways to engage community without sausages

1. Talk to them 2. have a cuppa (and talk) 3. Ask a community maven i.e. a hairdresser, checkout operator, mechanic to get the word about 4. Engage an Elder or older person 5. Free health checks 6. Free hugs 7. host a community conversation 8. Start a walking group 9. Visit a local hobby group and create a community project …

Life on the bus

If you live in the city the blog title was probably enough to make you tune out. Stop Press – woman catches bus. boring !

But in the country this is actually quite a big deal.

In the country, at least where I live public transport is NOT in abundance.

Why I love regional Australia

When the Regional Australia Institute called for ‘returners’, (that is people who grew up in the country, moved to the big smoke and returned) to participate in a research project I almost jumped down the phone line in anticipation of being part of the project. Talking point: Returning to Regional Australia, Regional Australia Institute 2014 There are so many things …