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So, you are passionate about creating change in your community. But you keep getting stuck in red tape. The red tape might look like funding proposals that aren’t getting up, compliance documents that need filling in, an audience that refuses to be engaged, or perhaps your own energy levels are just running on empty. When I was managing a not for …


Why your brilliant plans for social change will never work

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In recent years I’ve grown tired of writing plans, beautiful plans, strategies, ideas, theories, feasibility analysis to create social change around difficult community situations. It’s been exciting and sometimes rewarding work. Sometimes the plans create a spark, sometimes informed something bigger. But in all, these documents that have been lovingly woven together usually sit on desks gathering dust waiting to …

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Why your pond?

kerrygrace-2014 Stories from your pond

I’m sure you’ve noticed my fascination with regional Australia – more specifically, the stories of people who live in the towns of regional Australia.  I’ve been collecting leadership stories for a while now (watch out for our iTunes podcast very soon) – but the towns are so utterly diverse and inspiring I decided I’d better share them as well. So, …