How much do you want it?

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I’ve been feeling a bit overwhelmed lately.  There’s a lot going on, and like most humans I have a list.   Lately it feels like the list just keeps getting longer and I’ve got to admit my motivation (and therefore productivity) has certainly been dropping as the list lengthens. At first I thought it was just a glut of stuff …

tails and hats

Experience your industry before you jump in

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A colleague recently commented on the necessity of fledgling business owners (in particular social enterprise owners) trialing and testing their industry before launching themselves upon the world. Personally, I couldn’t agree with this sentiment more.  You may have participated in one of those conversations.  A ‘good idea’ is borne, the committee says “Everyone will want one of those”, a grant …

Maria Pomella

Ready to grow your enterprise?

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It doesn’t matter what type of enterprise you own / manage there comes a tricky time when you need to take a deep breath, brace yourself and choose to push forward or cease. Well, of course you could choose to flounder for a few years but (trust me) you don’t want to do that, it’s exhausting. Today I spoke with …

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Lip service isn’t helping

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If there’s anything that boils my blood it’s the use of disadvantaged communities for their sexy statistics of disadvantage.  And the resulting commodification of problems. Actually, I ‘get’ the commercial imperative of these actions.  I understand that it’s a tough world for NGOs big and small (particularly small) right now.  I get that ‘poverty sells’. But what I truly look forward …


Stop planning, start doing.

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If I could distill just one thing from over 12 years consulting for communities it’s this; People in any community, no matter how disadvantaged already know how they want to live their lives. And that’s hard for an ‘expert’ to chew on.  Because we are paid to have the great ideas, right? One of the things that always irked me in …

2016 Kickstart My New Year

A resolution that sticks

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Which best describes your approach to new year’s resolutions? 1. I’m a master – I set the challenge and follow through knowing it’s an excellent way to create change 2. I usually fall off the wagon around 3 January 3. Who are you kidding, I couldn’t even be bothered setting one 4. I waiver between all of the above.  Depends …

1 flying pig

#15 Flying Pigs at Number 20

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Week 15 of posts to inspire you through the week. Copy the format, engage in the content, learn and grow. We are all on a journey, why not make it a conscious one.  Below:  Leadership, What Matters, Community, Work/Life balance and The Week Ahead.  But first… I’ve been thinking a lot about CHANGE, in particular leading in times of change …


Want an ethical energy supplier

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Nearing the $1.5 million mark With less than 4 weeks to go, Enova are on the verge of passing their half-way mark to raising the minimum $3m capital they need to operate. This is a major achievement. The Australian Energy Regulator has approved Enova’s application for our energy retail licence, subject to our capital raising ~ which is an Australian first …