Leadership conversations: Ryan Ebert, authentic leadership

Today I interviewed Ryan Ebert, co-founder of PHW Group to explore his authentic leadership approach, the benefits of recognising yourself as a leader and some great hints and tips on engaging others in leadership, work life blend and much more.

Ryan is a self-described serial, multi-industry entrepreneur who has¬†experienced the challenges of stepping into a leadership role from a young age. ¬†He says that the notion of ‘stepping up’ enabled him to engage in a broad range of opportunities from speaking engagements to meeting people he admires and sitting on a not for profit board.

Ryan puts good leadership down to:

* Communication
* Authenticity and
* Not being afraid of making mistakes (and not being afraid to own those mistakes)

Hot tips for aspiring leaders from Ryan include:

* Just do it
* Don’t put too much pressure on yourself, there are times when you won’t feel like a leader
* Realise that everyone is a leader in some way

Access the Podcast HERE [25 minutes]