Which action figure are you?

How you feel as you move into a phase of action will invariably be influenced by a mountain of factors from the day of the week to our current level of stress (or lack thereof), factors outside of the situation, our internal energy reserves and even our feelings about the future.

Many factors determine whether we are ready (or not) to step into action and also when we disengage from the process of action.  One such factors is our action style.

Consider the following action figures – which one are you?

  • Do you sniff out something that needs to happen and leap into it?
  • Do you sit back and analyse the situation until you know the time is right and then pounce into action?
  • Do you send forth your army, the people who are appropriately trained to deal with such situations?
  • Do you first construct a plan of action, draw in the appropriate resources, get the right type of approval and then slowly but surely roll out the most appropriate solution?
  • Or do you wait until action is inevitable and even then jump under your desk hoping that someone else will sort it out?
  • Or are you perhaps a combination of all of the above at different points?


Knowing which action figure you are will enable a more smooth transition into action.  Why?  Because you can better anticipate situations requiring action and what tools, space and resouce you need to address them.  For example:

If you tend to rush into action, only to later regret your hasty movements learn to give yourself some space before you step into motion.  Perhaps this could be achieved simply by taking a breath.

While if you would rather hide than go into action spend some time working through what this is giving you?  How is hiding serving you?  You see, you wouldn’t do it if there wasn’t something in it for you – journal, or talk it out with a coach or friend – I guarantee you’ll be amazed and probably relieved when you discover what it is.

Knowing your action style – what action figure you are will enable you to have a helicopter view of yourself in your day to day life.  It will guide you to fashion the steps you need to put in place when a situation requiring action arises.  It will enable you to switch on a light in your consciousness, bringing forward the opportunity to learn something new about you.

So, grab a friend or journal and talk it out – use the following statements as your guide:

* When action is needed the first thing I do is…
* When action is needed I feel:
* A recent situation that required action was:
* And I did:
* I feel best when I move into action with:
* I don’t like action that’s about:
* I love action that involves:


(Image sourced from http://www.geekalerts.com/justice-league-new-52-action-figures/)

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