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cohort lge imageAre you looking for change in your life?
But not quite sure where to start?

Chances are you’re feeling:
* Tired and disconnected
* Like work/life balance is a long forgotten fantasy
* Like you can’t jump off the treadmill for numerous reasons be it financial, family or other obligations
* Like you need more meaning in your life

When was the last time you asked yourself what really matters – by your own definition?

Hi, I’m Kerry Grace.  I describe myself as a social entrepreneur and community strategist.
I established Evolve Network in 2003.

Initially my intention was to SAVE the regional communities that I care about from poverty (insert chortle).
However, as I evolved as a human (pun intended) so have the core values (and services) of Evolve Network.

Our early work was with highly disadvantaged communities consulting across much of the community sector from local government to Aboriginal corporations, disability services, aged care, early childhood education, youth services, general community services and government.

Throughout the early years we delivered education programs, wrote awesome strategic and business plans, produced events, developed social enterprises, won millions of dollars in contestable grants and funding for clients.

We’ve assisted job creation, enabled personal growth and change among many, helped to sustain important community services, there have been nominations for national business awards, an Australia Day Award (in our home base), qualifications and certificates, public acknowledgement and a plethora of results and boxes ticked.

But in 2010 I decided that wasn’t enough.  After a particularly grueling time in both my professional and personal life I realised that I’d been wrong.

People didn’t need to be SAVED
They needed to know what matters most to them
And have tools to live by that

And, perhaps even more importantly
I learned there’s little point in trying to create something for someone else (or to save them)
If we haven’t first truly understood ourselves

And with this knowledge I learned that some of the poorest people in the most disadvantaged communities I was working in actually had the upper hand.

A simple, meaningful life.

Understanding ‘what matters’ to me took over a year
And the translation of bringing it to life in a leadership context took a further three years

Because I did the heavy lifting (oh yes, this evolution sure was heavy), it never takes our clients long to discover their own ‘what matters’.

I’m so proud to bring you the new, evolved Evolve Network

Our mission is to enable you, as the leader of your life to ignite the things that matter most to you
And to enable others you lead to do the same

It doesn’t matter if you are leading in your community, your organisation, your small business or even your family.

Imagine, leading in your authentic way
And enabling others to do the same

Not only does it equate to a more meaningful life
but it carries a sense of abundance
Abundance by whatever definition you give it
Because it’s about what matters most to you
and giving focus to that

Maybe you don’t even see yourself as a leader just yet.

But hang in there
You’re in for an enormous surprise

There are many ways you can engage with Evolve Network, I encourage you to get in touch to find out more.

After all, you deserve to live the life that matters most to you and when you do that you automatically inspire those around you to do the same.

Warm wishes to you,

Kerry Grace
Founder and Director
Evolve Network


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  1. Hi Kerry,
    Im on the mouse wheel and dont know how to get off it.
    I have worked in my own small retail business before but am now back working for a small operator.
    I am passionate about the homewares industry and would like to be my own boss again.
    Can u help?

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