Life isn’t always easy for changemakers – the Evolve Network website is a space to get inspired, learn and to understand that you aren’t alone.

Evolve Network works with leaders of change – people who are sick and tired of status quo and feel a calling to do something about it.

You may not resonate with the term ‘calling’ but you’ll feel it.  It’s that unsettling feeling that you have about something.  It’s knowing that it’s time to step up and do something about it.  It’s about knowing that it’s your turn to do.

We know that life isn’t always easy for change leaders.  In fact, life can be pretty frustrating, particularly as you see clear and simple pathways to change but for some reason even the simplest solutions take so, so much time.

Evolve Network has worked with change leaders, and as an agent of change for over 15 years.  Our focus has been on regional Australian communities however many of the lessons are universal.

Our founder, Kerry Grace established Evolve Network when she returned to live in a small regional Australian community (her home town).  With a background in education and marketing Kerry applied this skill set plus her entrepreneurial skills to undertake projects that worked with the most marginalised members of her community.  You can read more about these projects under the case studies section.

profileKerry bluntly refers to herself as a ‘reformed do-gooder’ and it was her role as Service Manager at MiiMi Aboriginal Corporation (2008-2010) in Bowraville that turned this around.  During this time she realised that even a big whack of cash and the best laid out project would never create change so long as the community wasn’t engaged in wanting and creating that change.  She also realised that there was only so much she could do as the leader of change – the more important stuff happened when she wasn’t at the table.

It is this learning that led Kerry to undertake study in personal development and create a body of work around the question ‘what matters most to you?’.

 Our mantra embodies our work;

Be who you want to be
Do what you need to do
Change what it’s time to change