Who am I as a leader?

Whether you are leading a family, a team, a community or your own life working out WHO you are as a leader in life can certainly take you out of your comfort zone.

I had an interesting conundrum this week which took me back to my values as a leader.

For the second year in a row in the month of February  I’ve invited others to a month of giving up something and replacing it with something else that’s good for you.  While there are many and varied things being given up this month, mine is wine and in replacement of that is good, healthy choices.

Lesson 1 about my values in leadership – get among it, be part of the team.

I love knowing that the group is there and even though there isn’t a lot of chatter online this time around I know that people are watching, listening and thinking about their choices.

Something weird happened at the end of last week – I had a glass of wine.

Lesson 2 about my values in leadership – it really conflicted with my values of high quality and integrity

I knew the repercussions of my action weren’t over there, but how to deal with it became an obsessive thought process.

I didn’t REALLY have to spill the beans, after-all, nobody knew and there was no real way for them to find out. In reality I could just let it slide and nobody would be the wiser.

But then I worried my disclosure might give permission to mass giving up of giving up, if I would encourage others to fall off their self-designated wagon.  Or worse, if I disclosed I’d open the floodgates of mediocrity.

I sweated on these thoughts for a day or so and eventually the right question struck me between the eyes.

The question was;

“Who am I as a leader?”

And the answer was waiting.

Lesson 3: In leadership, in life above all I value honesty, disclosure, transparency and forgiveness.

From this realisation communicating with the group was easy because it was authentic.

There’s so much yacking about leadership these days.  How to be more productive, stronger, more inspiring.  But I think it all starts with this one question, and then living by that.

So ask yourself today…

Who am I as a leader?