#6 Flying Pigs at Number 20

Week 6 of posts to inspire you in your leadership journey and through the week. 

When things fall apart

The golden wings of opportunity swoop down

To guide you.

Because now’s your chance to fly

To f*cking soar.

To change direction.

To go exactly where you want, for a change.



You can continue grasping for the already broken pieces.

You can continue reaching out for the beautiful, but empty illusions.

You can continue pouring energy into the blackholes of distraction.

Please don’t.  Full Version HERE

Sarah Harvey, ‘Difficulty And Pain Give You Wings’


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What kind of decision maker are you? Decision making is a complex process.  There are the little daily decisions – coffee or tea, habitual decisions – sugar or not, day to day game playing decisions – going to work or staying at home, which direction to drive, going to the gym or not etc. and important, life changing decisions – moving, getting married (or divorced), starting a new venture, closing a business, etc.

It’s too easy to take our ability to make decisions for granted, think about it.  There is a direct link between the amount of decisions we are able to make, and the freedom we have in our life.  But the irony is, the sheer ability to make a multitude of decisions can actually become a shackle for some and rather than freedom they will get stuck in the quagmire of decision making.

Is one of the qualities of an effective leader that they don’t suffer procrastination in decision making?  And if that’s the case,how does a good leader sit in someone else’s inability to make a decision when the best answer is dangling right in front of their eyes?

I believe there is equal quality in the ability to make good decisions as there is in having the faith, tenacity and endurance to wait while someone else comes to their own conclusion. And furthermore that this approach will equate to a more sustainable outcome.

What’s your style in decision making?  A few styles were explored in this Inc.com article.

KerryG_Illustration-01What matters

My guiding intention for this week was ‘healthy habits’. While I didn’t completely bum there was a certain ‘rattiness’ in my week – maybe it was the stormy weather, but I’m not pleased where I sit within this at the moment so will be revising the intention in the week ahead.

As I ask myself why it might have been difficult I notice a few things that are triggers to me NOT looking after myself as well as I’d like, reasons I move away from my ‘what matters’ – and over and above that it’s asked me to reflect on why we don’t live by what matters – it’s bloody hard !

A great irony that I’ve noticed in human behaviour is that when times are tough we tend to pull the things that aren’t so great for us towards us – show me someone who is having a crap time and seeks out a wheatgrass juice and pensive moment rather than grabbing for chocolate, alcohol, gossip, a squabble, fatty food and you’ve found an evolved human.

Why is this the case?  I don’t know exactly but it’s very curious that in tough times we pull what we know is bad for us close, rather than the good stuff.  Do you?  This is why I suggest we all build an emergency kit – a first aid kit for tough times so that on those days when things aren’t all rosy we can reach for that.  The kit could contain affirmations, letters of appreciation, notes suggesting alternative actions to take, symbols, lucky coins etc. What would be in your kit?

See more ‘what matters’ statements here


1 cutout people


I’m planning a little trip in September and looking for some community leaders to interview.  The interviews will sit within the book I’m gently nurturing – ‘why does what matters matter’.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the different types of communities we can access for friendship / ideas / support.  Here are a few that walk alongside me every day:

* My local, real life neighbourhood:  People who live nearby and around and might not seem to notice but they are there, (usually) quietly in the background.
* Social media communities:  My Facebook community is an enormous source of support and encouragement.  If you find Facebook challenging, check your friends and your feed, make it work for you.
* Closer friendship and family communities:  We might not always see one another in real life but technology has made it so easy to connect.
* Work community:  Living in ‘the bush’ it can be easy to become isolated – isolated in its entirety and isolated from like minded thinkers.  My work community who are my team, colleagues, other business owners in the arcade my shop is located in are a community of like minded thinking and support

What communities support you?

Here are a few upcoming opportunities to build on your communiy:

Kickstart My Community – a free online group offering you access to a 30 day action challenge, a task per day to build your community.  Register for free HERE

Kickstart My Community –free webinar 10am 17 September  Registration is essential HERE

Kickstart My Community – taster program:  want to experience the format of the new program?  Join us between 16 November and 11 December.  Coaching, a blueprint for action, ongoing support – want more?  Register NOW

shutterstock_196108805Work / life balance

It was a very demanding kid week this week with pickups and drop offs, activities and excursions and a never ending funnel from my purse to various schools and entertainment providers.

This week I sought out some extra hands to gain some more time.  Actually, I’m getting a whole lot more comfortable with the notion of asking for help.  Goodness it makes a difference.

Intentions for the week ahead:

inside the mindMy theme for the week gone was healthy habits

I’ll be repeating that this week. and because the idea is a bit ambiguous setting some goals alongside the overriding theme:

Our Sublime September group asked participants to identify six things they’d like to do more of this month.  This week I’ll consider what healthy habits I can bring to each of my six.

Time with friends;  there is time planned this week already to be with friends but I will also plan one lunch with a friend – even if we are SKYPing it

Exercise; three visits to the gym

Mindfulness; time for being mindful each morning before 10am

Writing; exploring healthy habits via writing

Adventures with family; hmm one fun adventure this week. What will it be?

Focus; choosing ONE THING to focus on each week



PS what does this post have to do with 20 flying pigs?  It’s a simple note to myself about anything being possible, about the importance of reflection and taking the time to notice.  It’s about writing for pleasure and bringing even more joy to work.  Finally it’s about exploring beyond what is possible, challenging my (and your) beliefs and uniting change.