56 ways to engage community without sausages

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1. Talk to them

2. have a cuppa (and talk)

3. Ask a community maven i.e. a hairdresser, checkout operator, mechanic to get the word about

4. Engage an Elder or older person

5. Free health checks

6. Free hugs

7. host a community conversation

8. Start a walking group

9. Visit a local hobby group and create a community project (e.g. community quilt)

10. Speak at a local service group meeting (CWA / Lions / Rotary)


12. Join, follow Facebook groups

13. Get into the school

14. Newsletters – every and any newsletter.  If there’s not one, start one

15. Host an afternoon tea / breakfast (sans sausages)

16. sport, sport sport – ESPECIALLY Saturday morning sport

17. Visit a pub

18. Local playgroup

19. Find your local Tuppaware representative – they know everyone

20. Ask a local delivery driver who is who – and if they can distribute information for you

21. Visit a health clinic, leave fliers in the waiting room

22. Walk through supermarkets and linger in the aisles (trying NOT to look creepy by being careful what you linger next to).

23. Set up a card table in the main street

24. Host a stree party (note, this is very much in sausage sizzle territory but you have the right to resist)

25. Setup a community market

26. Create an event – a festival, fete

27. Run a workshop about something the community cares about

28. Conduct a ‘get to know you’ event

29. Speed dating for the community (in a getting to know you kind of way)

30. Conduct a survey and share the results in your swanky newsletter

31. launch a competition

32. install seating in the main thoroughfares in your community give people a place to congregate

33. put a garden in your FRONT yard

34. Setup a verge garden

35. have a garage sale

36. Setup a compliments / praise box and install it in local shops

37. use your community noticeboard and if you don’t have one, make one

38. do a letterbox drop – you’ll be surprised who you’ll meet along the way as you do your deliveries

39. Go to church

40. Visit your Chamber of Commerce

41. Visit a local attraction (i.e. museum) and meet the volunteers

42. Attend community meetings

43. Setup a living books project

44. Host a sports day – local Olympics

45. invite a celebrity to town or even better recognise your own local heroes

46. Host a clean up day

47. Run a fundraiser for something

48. Set a community challenge – something to work towards and aspire to

49. Be curious about your community

50. Install a public art piece

51. Change something in the public landscape and wait for comments and questions

52 Pick an issue – any issue and open it for public discussion

53. Tidy and spruce up a park or public thoroughfare.  invite others to take part

54. Hang about (again, trying not to look creepy)

55. Tell people who you are wanting to connect with and why

56. Ask them what matters, what REALLY matters and what would they like to do about it?


let’s build the list… How do you engage community?

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