15 weeks of leadership lessons

kerrygrace-2014 Lead

Over the past 15 weeks I’ve been compiling much content about leadership in action.  There’s been interviews with leaders in business, conversations with people who I consider to be leaders in life, deep reflection of my own practice, much reading and ultimately regurgitation via our weekly FLYING PIGS AT NUMBER 20 post.

This week I thought I’d do something a little different and provide you with a summary of our leadership learnings thus far.

Week 1: Tall poppy syndrome is a poor excuse to avoid stepping up and into a leadership role

Week 2: It’s OK to show vulnerability as a leader

Week 3: Communicating wisely as a leader sometimes means tempering your ‘opinions’ and choosing words carefully and consciously

Week 4: Leadership is a combination of natural skill and conscious learning

Week 5: A leader who understands and can articulate his values will serve those who follow in order understand the broader vision

Week 6: Decision making as a discipline.  While decisions can create freedom, the inability to make them can be a very sticky trap

Week 7: Accountability buddies are absolutely essential, particularly in times of change

Week 8: Sometimes you have to draw the line – not all decisions are easy, trust your gut instincts.  Set a date, stay strong, act accordingly.

Week 9: If drama is ruling your life consider the repercussions that may have for those around you.  It’s one thing to lead with passion, but constant drama is another beast.

Week 10: Two important lessons from my mentor Rosemary Shapiro-Liu this week.  (1) be careful to fully and completely understand expectations of any situation and (2) learn the difference between the commas and the fullstops.

Week 11: Decide slowly, act quickly.  Choose your partners in the decision making process wisely

Week 12: You must look after you and succession planning is an aspect of self care

Week 13: There are times for unbridled sharing of thoughts, feelings and ideas

Week 14: Beware of burnout, when you’re running on empty, come back to what matters

Week 15: Go back to the simple things, understand the small steps and appreciate the pace of others