#12 Flying Pigs at Number 20

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#12 Flying Pigs at Number 20

Week 12 of posts to inspire leaders of change through the week. Copy the format, engage in the content, learn and grow. We are all on a journey, why not make it a conscious one.  Below:  Leadership, What Matters, Community, Work/Life balance and The Week Ahead.  But first…

The Invitation, by Oriah Mountain Dreamer

It doesn’t interest me
what you do for a living.
I want to know
what you ache for
and if you dare to dream
of meeting your heart’s longing.

It doesn’t interest me
how old you are.
I want to know
if you will risk
looking like a fool
for love
for your dream
for the adventure of being alive.

Read full poem here


Leadership Conversations: I was delighted to share my interview with Michelle Jarret this week.  Michelle is a strong Gumbaynggirr woman Lulu (649x1024)from Bowraville (NSW, Australia).  While Michelle doesn’t see herself as a leader, I can help but wonder what a different place our little communities would be if people shared her community mindedness.  Listen to the interview HERE

To help you keep an eye on our podcasts I’ve added a new page:  HERE

Leadership lessons: Two lessons have been echoed throughout my week

1. Succession planning:  This is as important in our individual lives as it is in an organisational sense.  From making sure you have a clear and up to date will in place, to having a strong set of organisational procedures and a risk management plan which outlines what to do in the worst case scenario.  My experience is that people don’t usually want to talk about dying any more than they want to talk about someone leaving an organisation – both conversations are inevitable.  Why not cover your bases while the sun is shining?  At least that way those you will leave behind know what to do.
2. There is always a choice.  Sometimes you must choose you: This leadership lesson is as liberating as it is stifling.  So many people I know (me included) would prefer to put themselves out in order to make sure others around them are happy.  Sometimes this goes back to a dire need to please others – sometimes this is just a humanitarian way of life.  Here’s the thing.  By all means, give.  Give to your full capacity.  Give your time, your money, your resources, your advice and your best wishes.  BUT as you do this realise that if there is nothing left for you, there will come a point when you can no longer give.  It won’t be a point of your choosing, it will simply be a time when your resource runs out.  Sometimes, sometimes the kinder thing to do is to give to you.  Don’t think for a second that those around you will like it at first, particularly if you’ve trained them into their role of receiving.  But in time they will come to understand.  And if they don’t understand you need to ask yourself if they are really a worthy recipient of your gifts.  You always have a choice.

KerryG_Illustration-01What Matters?

Conferences galore.  This week I was delighted to be part of the Festival of the Rural Woman conference.  Also loved the online format – incredibly logical for those of us based in regional communities.  The conference featured dozens of inspiring women, all of us ‘blooming where we are planted’.

This week I’m off to Bathurst (NSW) to speak about What Matters, and the work I’ve been focusing on over the past year.  The annual Sustainable Economic Growth for Regional Australia (SEGRA) conference has provided me with a very exciting platform, now three years in a row to showcase this important question.
And to top off a busy time of speaking engagements, again What Matters will be addressed at the Gloucester Sustainable Futures Festival on Sunday 25 October – phew !
See more ‘what matters’ statements here


community My kids started their touch footy season last week.  Even in my little community this means literally hundreds of community members coming together to play, watch (and wait) for the games. Every time I visit such event (pretty much weekly for a while now) I’m reminded that sport is the cornerstone of these regional communities.  I remember that I can put together as many art exhibitions, festivals, jam nights as I like – but it’s always sport that will draw in the mass crowds.  So why not build on what works.  Get some community service promotion AT the sport field.  Run some junior art classes during the games for the siblings who wait (quite possibly bored).  Let the local bands play in the background.  I’ve whinged about sport for most of my life.  I’ve teased it, paid out on it, complained and been a general pain in the a$% about it.  But the fact is that sport is a massive part of Australian culture.  It’s not going anywhere.  So let’s build on what works.  How do you integrate your community activities and aspirations with the local sporting community?

1 beautiful musicWork/Life balance

The week leading into a trip away is always hectic.  On top of the usual work load there’s the guilt to sift through and then there’s the extra house cleanup, cooking and groceries.  I love and appreciate work trips but geez they require a lot of effort, not only from me but from my whole entourage.

Anyhoo, this week I remembered to just hang in there.  Sooner or later it will all be done, I’ll feel good that I put in the extra effort, and I’ll be on the plane having a power nap.

As I complete the final touches today I remind myself to be very well aware of the tricky words that ‘guilt’ may whisper in my ear.  And As I remember that I will be aware that I don’t have to go into a complete baking / cleaning frenzy in order to ensure my kids know I love them.  A little extra is good – too far and it’s just exhausting for all of us.

Intentions for the week ahead:

kids thailandBig gold star for this week, ONLY COMMIT TO WHAT I CAN DO.  What an absolutely relief that was.  Guess what, the whole world didn’t fall apart.

Theme for the week ahead is positive thoughts.  And yours?

Have a great week…

PS what does this post have to do with 20 flying pigs? First – it’s a template for you to use to reflect on your own week. Use these titles or create your own. Secondly, it’s a simple note to myself about anything being possible, about the importance of reflection and taking the time to notice. It’s about writing for pleasure and bringing even more joy to work. Finally it’s about exploring beyond what is possible, challenging my (and your) beliefs and uniting change.
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