#10 Flying Pigs at Number 20

Week 10 of posts to inspire leaders of change through the week. Copy the format, engage in the content, learn and grow.  We are all on a journey, why not make it a conscious one.

dr seussLeadership Conversations:  You can now access the podcast with The Leadership Voice, Victoria Rose.  Check it out here

Victoria Rose, The Leadership Voice defines leadership as “The process of influencing others in order to gain their willing consent in the ethical pursuit of a mission”.

She believes leadership is about influencing others, and an effective leader will have integrity (which she says is her top value in leadership).

Victoria has trained over 12,000 people across government and business sectors in their leadership roles.  She believes there are leadership skills that anyone can learn, however through a lack of training many people “wear the mask”

Keep your eye on the blog to find out more.  Or, have the podcasts delivered directly to your inbox JUST CLICK here 

Leadership lessons from my mentor Today I reflect on two of many important leadership / life lessons that my mentor, friend and associate, Rosemary Shapiro-Liu has shared with me in recent times.  This wise lady always has a gentle way of bringing clarity to any given situation, and rather than judging, sharing deep insights as to the many and varied realities of any situation:

1. Expectations and preconceived disappointments:  I love the way that Rosemary addresses expectations at the outset of any situation – business or personal.  The first time she stayed at my place I was both shocked and delighted when asked “so, what do you expect of this visit – what is it that you absolutely want to happen”.  There !  Just like that I had the opportunity to express what I’d been thinking / planning.  It’s very rare that we arrive in a situation completely prepared to go with the flow, and yet how often do we neglect to take the time to lay out our expectations.  I’m sure you’ve experienced a clash at some point that could have easily been avoided had all of the cards been laid out from the beginning.  Lesson:  Ensure there is time and space to clarify expectations in any event that is important to self or others / different / time poor or rushed.

2. Learn the difference between full stops and commas in life:  Not every situation needs to be brought to an immediate conclusion.  In fact, some good things take years to brew.  I’ve experienced this lesson over and over again and it never made as much sense to me as when Rosemary noticed that I have challenges with life’s punctuation.  This is a particularly important lesson for agents of change – Do we enable enough time for a situation to evolve?  Does a situation have to be concluded, or can it be essentially shelved or put on the back burner to slowly realise it’s full potential (a comma).  Hmm.  Love this lesson.

What matters

KerryG_Illustration-01Two quotes that meant a lot to me this week:

“The path isn’t a straight line; it’s a spiral. You continually come back to things you thought you understood and see deeper truths”. (source: Clairscentience) andgrass greener

“The grass is always greener where you water it”

I’ll tell you straight – I didn’t do great in my ‘what matters’ stakes this week.  It’s been a combination of looking after the needs of others when my cup wasn’t full enough, being busy, juggling school holidays, not exercising as much as my body needs to thrive and ruminating on things that are beyond my control.  It wasn’t a great week.  But there – it’s acknowledged, moving on and into a good week ahead, starting with a family dinner tonight and mocktails with the girls tomorrow – living my ‘what matters’.

How will you bring life to the things that matter most to you this week?

See more ‘what matters’ statements here


Each fortnight I speak with Fi Poole from ABC Mid North Coast Radio about my local community.  Each fortnight, the night before I speak I sweat on exactly what it is I’m going to speak about, if it will offend anyone and if it will be interesting enough – beyond the who is who, what’s on when stuff.

After each interview I criticize myself for not being IN my community enough.  For living vicariously via Facebook about what’s actually going on and conducting my busy day to day, getting the kids home from school and inside for dinner – close our door and that’s it.

But the reality is that community is made of those everyday mundane things with the odd anecdote, disaster and celebration.  Community comes together as its’ members pick up the milk and bread, drop the kids at school, sport and music lessons.  Community builds at work, as you say hi as you pass a stranger on the street every day until one day you manage to strike up a conversation.  And yes, Facebook can even bring local community together – I’m delighted to build relationships with people in my community online.

Community happens in all kinds of ways – my greatest challenge, articulating the day to day stories in a 2 or so minute timeframe and making it interesting.  Lucky Fi is understanding and patient, wish me luck !

Kickstart My Community – is off and running.  Today is day 4 and already we’ve given some stuff away, picked up a bag of rubbish and caught up with someone we haven’t seen for a while.  You can still jump in if you like – 19 days to go.  Register for free HERE

shutterstock_196108805Work / life balance

One of my greatest challenges is asking for help.  This week (despite my proposed theme for the week) I needed some help and called out to my mum for a hand with the school holidays.  Juggling work and life AND school holidays can be too much. I needed some time for work, and I also recognised that I needed some time for me.  Thank goodness for mum.

So, today I’ll pick up my kids who have been entertained, gone to the beach, fishing comps, and all of the free range experiences that grand parents can be so good at delivering (mine are and I feel incredibly fortunate for that).
MASSIVE work/life balance lessons for this week:  ASK FOR HELP and recognise when you need time out.

Intentions for the week ahead:

inside the mindMy theme for the week passed was FUN.

I sucked.  In fact, I realised that I’ve all but forgotten what the word means in action.

So, that one is on repeat for next week.

 Well, that’s it for this week – See you on the other side.
PS what does this post have to do with 20 flying pigs?  First – it’s a template for you to use to reflect on your own week.  Use these titles or create your own.  Secondly, it’s a simple note to myself about anything being possible, about the importance of reflection and taking the time to notice.  It’s about writing for pleasure and bringing even more joy to work.  Finally it’s about exploring beyond what is possible, challenging my (and your) beliefs and uniting change.
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